Welcome to Czech, Please Everyday Gourmet!

559995_10101338764053168_1503303277_nWelcome to Czech, Please Everyday Gourmet!

 Czech, Please  catering carries on traditional recipes dating back over 100 years to our family’s homeland in the Carpathian Mountains of the Czech Republic. Pierogies, halupki, and potica (nut rolls) are among our ethnic favorites, and we also serve a full variety menu prepared with the same degree of care and quality.

 All of our dishes are prepared from scratch, using only the freshest and finest ingredients available. “Just like Grandma used to” is how we make it- not by reheating something out a can! We believe gourmet food should be flavored with fresh herbs and spices, not trans-fats and preservatives. From our appetizers to entrees to desserts, our menu truly offers “extraordinary taste for everyday people.”

 Many of our recipes have been “updated” to become gluten-free and low sugar to meet the needs of all of our customers. Whether you wish to serve 5 or 500, our menu can accommodate your needs!

We look forward to serving you…