Breakfast / Brunch Menu

Fresh fruit and olive salad

Starting your day off with a fun, energizing event makes the rest of the day a good one, but starting that event with a fun and energizing meal makes the rest of the day a great one – right up until you sleep.

Czech Please Catering provides a healthy, energizing breakfast selection for the early-bird parties and events. Sugary pastries and fresh fruit make a sweet start to the day, and are fully complimented with Czech Please’s scrambled eggs, biscuits, and bacon.

For the more French of you, she provides exotic romanticism with quiche, croissants, and eggs Benedict. On a more country-comfort side, she offers roasted red potatoes, sausage, and French toast.

Hydration is an important start to the day, but doesn’t have to be boring. Czech Please brings us various teas, juices, and even your morning coffee.

However you wish your day to start, Czech Please can make it happen with 27 choices and over 30 combinations! But if the day is short and so is your morning energy, Czech Please can always make a suggestion for you to decide.

With this many possibilities, the day could go anywhere you dream of!

Ps. Czech, Please Catering is pleased to offer our full menu for your breakfast or brunch event! If you have special needs for specific dietary concerns, be sure to contact us. We work with a registered dietitian to serve food for such needs as gluten-free diets, diabetes, allergies, and more.












Assorted pastries

Fresh fruit

Orange juice & coffee



Apple stuffed French toast

Chicken, egg, and tuna salad croissants

Eggs Benedict

French toast, waffles, or  pancakes with butter and syrup


Savory breakfast tart

Scrambled eggs



Assorted coffee cakes and breads

Assorted pastries

Bagels with lox and cream cheese

Biscuits with honey, jam, and butter

Cottage cheese and fruit

Deviled eggs

Fresh vegetable or fruit platter

Roasted red potatoes

Sausage, bacon, or ham

Yogurt and granola



Assorted teas

Bottled juices

Bottled water

Coffee and Decaf

Iced tea




Catering_Breakfast02_Fruit Catering_Breakfast06_Bread Catering_Breakfast03_Fruit Catering_Breakfast04_Fruit Potica Nut Rolls Catering_Breakfast05_Fruit
Our Famous Potica (Nut Rolls)