Dinner Menu

Breaded chicken main dishElegance, sophistication, and class all describe the goal of the classic American dinner party. Whether it’s a wedding, an office Halloween bash, or a couples’ murder-mystery party, the meal that is served defines the maturity of the night, the stories to tell, and even the cocktails to serve.

Czech Please brings class to the next level with a diverse, complex menu that can serve anywhere from 20 to 200 people. So whether you’re venue is a dining room with a home theater system, or a banquet hall with a jazz quartet, sophistication will make the meal.

Soups and salads add a five-star touch to your event with choices like antipasto, Caesar, and caprese salads, and soups such as seafood chowder and three-cheese soup.

The main meal takes the stage, and so will the delicately carved turkey or ham, chicken Delmonico, zesty horseradish filet mignon as well as coastal roulade shrimp scampi.

Artichoke shrimp salad serves an excellent side dish, and is evenly matched with the beautiful cucumber salad, au gratin potatoes, Mediterranean orzo, rice pilaf, and spring green risotto.

If you’ve ever wondered what five-star tastes like, you need not wonder again. Czech please will fill your parties’ needs with professionalism and elegance. Next time you need dinner for your party, break out your best bottles of gin and dry vermouth and call Czech Please for a meal that cannot be forgotten. Stay Classy~

The Czech, Please Catering menu for dinner events is our widest selection available (next to our desserts). We are happy to cater to party sizes of 20 to 200. Our dinner menu options are available to other party sizes on a case by case basis. Don’t be afraid to ask (you might be pleasantly surprised).

Czech, Please Catering proudly serves your choice of the following items for your dinner event:

Salad Selections









Side Dishes



Caprese salad

Fresh fruit

Mixed greens

Summer salad



Cheddar corn chowder

Chicken and noodles

Seafood chowder

Split pea

Three cheese

Vegetable Beef




Carved ham or turkey

Chicken Delmonico

Chicken Marsala

Chicken parmesan

Chicken picatta

Chicken w/basil cream sauce

Filet Mignon w/horseradish sauce

Grilled salmon

Meat/cheese lasagna


Pork tenderloin

Shrimp scampi

Sirloin tips

Spaghetti w/meatballs

Stuffed shells

Vegetable lasagna



Artichoke rice salad w/shrimp

Au gratin potatoes

Creamy cucumber salad

Curried couscous

Fresh corn salad

Garlic mashed potatoes

Green beans almondine

Mediterranean orzo

Old-fashioned potato salad

Pan roasted broccoli

Pasta w/fresh pesto

Red cabbage

Rice pilaf

Roasted carrots

Spring green risotto

Steamed vegetable medley


Catering_Dinner01_PizzaBites Catering_Dinner02_Pasta Catering_Dinner03_Noodles Catering_Dinner04_Soup Catering_Dinner05_BreadRolls Catering_Dinner06_RiceDish Catering_Dinner07_TomatoSpinachPlatter Sheboygan Area Catering Chicken Dinner Dish Catering_Dinner09_ChickenDish Catering_Dinner10_ChickenDish