Lunch Menu


Lunch: The mid-point meal to balance your day. Czech please catering offers a hearty lunch menu that will keep your day balanced and your scale too.

There is no substitute for Czech Please’s healthy and wholesome assortment of fresh-green salads, but she offers a different kind of salad as well: fruit salads, corn salads, pasta salads, and even potato salads!

But lunch isn’t all about salad! Czech Please has some filling choices of comforting chicken soup, hot and salty beef tips with noodles, fun and easy meatball hoagies, sweet and spicy barbeque chicken, and even a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth, soft meat and cheese lasagna.

If the office is your thing, there’s always the easy-to-clean, easy-to-serve choice of a deli sandwich buffet that goes well with the cheese and crackers – it’s a no-fork lunch!

Bottled juices, coffee, and even cool lemonade are great choices for your lunch menu.

With food this good and prices this cheap, there’s no excuse for skipping lunch today! Put your day back in balance, as well as your energy, and enjoy this Czech Please lunch. Czech Please pleases you!

Czech, Please Everyday Gourmet catering service offers a wide variety of menu selections to meet the needs of any event.  A typical catered lunch menu consists, but is not limited to, the following (Please keep in mind we also offer Czech, Polish, and other European specialty foods as well):




Side Dishes




Assorted salads: chef, cobb, or grilled chicken

BBQ chicken

Beef tips with noodles

Chicken and dumplings

Chicken tenders

Chicken, egg, and tuna salad croissants/sandwiches

Deli sandwich buffet

Meat/cheese lasagna

Meatball hoagies

Muffeletta sandwiches

Pulled pork sandwiches

Vegetable lasagna



Cheese & crackers


Fresh corn salad

Fresh fruit salad

Italian pasta salad

Macaroni salad

Mixed green salad

Old-fashioned potato salad

Vegetables/fruit & dip



Bottled juices

Bottled water

Coffee and Decaf

Iced tea




Catering_Lunch01_MeatCheesePlatter Catering_Lunch02_TacoSalad Catering_Lunch03_BreadDippingPlatter Catering_Lunch04_SausageCheesePlatter Catering_Lunch05_Soup Catering_Lunch06_SausageCheesePlatter Easter Brunch Ham and Pineapple Platter Catering_Lunch08_CheeseMeatVeggiePlatter Catering_Lunch09_VegetablePlatter Catering_Lunch10_PastaPlate
Easter Ham Dinner
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