Our Story

I’m often asked how long have I been cooking, baking and catering,  and the answer is all my life.  My mom would pull chairs around the tables in the church basement and my brother, sisters, and I would help pinch pierogies.  We were always a mess but it never seemed to matter because we were learning and we were having fun. Throughout our childhood, we would help my mom and the other church ladies with dinners, pierogie and nutroll sales, and special events. I didn’t realize it back then, but that childhood ritual was preparing me for adulthood and my purpose in life.

Preparing cucumber salad for catering event.

Preparing cucumber salad for catering event.

I’ve thought about opening a gourmet Shoppe at the age of seven and hope to make this dream a reality someday.  Looking back, I should have gone to school to become a pastry chef; instead I chose to be an engineer.  My maternal grandmother was a baker in the Carpathian Mountains and I believe that many of her gifts and talents live on through my catering service today. It’s her legacy of endless energy and love of baking & serving others that lives on today in me and the food I prepare.

In 2006, with the help and support of my husband, we decided to build a commercial kitchen in our basement.  This was more work than I could have ever imagined, but has been worth all the efforts made.  My mom is my right hand in the kitchen, my dad and husband help whenever needed, and occasionally, my siblings come over to lend a hand.  We have a wonderful support staff when needed and strive to offer exceptional service to all of our customers.

Czech, Please Catering Service offers a full service menu that can accommodate any special event.  We believe in using the freshest meats and produce by using local vendors for supplies.  We simply offer extraordinary taste for everyday people.